Waterproof Decking

Maximize Outdoor Living Space Waterproof Decks in Richfield, WI

Multilevel waterproof decking

A multi-level deck provides extra space for entertaining, cooking, and relaxing. But without waterproofing the upper level, a rainstorm can ruin your outdoor fun in an instant. At Hometown Builders, we can protect your outdoor space with waterproof decks in Richfield, WI.

Many homeowners skip out on decorating their outdoor spaces, missing out on the chance to create an inviting space to entertain and relax. Comfortable patio furniture and custom lighting on the lower level of your deck create a space you’ll never want to leave.

Basic Waterproofing with Sealer

Your deck endures harsh sunlight, rainstorms, and snow every year. It’s no wonder that many homeowners end up with unusable decks because they didn’t invest the resources into protecting their decks from the elements.

Some decking materials are more durable than others. For instance, wooden planks need immediate protection as soon as you build the deck to prevent warping or rotting when it rains. A clear sealer is all you need to repel water and keep your deck from absorbing moisture.

Meanwhile, composite decking can handle various weather conditions like rain and snow, but even composite planks need protection in order to last as long as possible.

Deck coatings contain materials like latex, acrylic, or liquid rubber and come in a variety of covers. Coatings are more durable but also more complicated to apply, often requiring professional service.

Sealing the upper and lower levels of your deck is the first step in fully waterproofing your space. Without sealing, the boards on your deck will individually warp, creating an uneven surface that could cause a fall.

Protect Lower-Level Decks with an Under-Deck Drainage System in Richfield

There’s nothing like hanging out on the lower level of your deck during a summer rainstorm. You can relax and stay dry as you breathe in the smell of the fresh rain. However, your relaxing moment won’t last long if your deck isn’t waterproof.

Get the most out of your deck substructure by installing an under-deck drainage system.

It works similarly to the gutter system on your roof. The drainage system collects rainwater that falls through the upper level of your roof and sends it away from your home instead of allowing it to fall onto the deck below. Not only does it give you and your family a dry space to enjoy the outdoors in all types of weather, but it also prevents premature deck rot that is costly to replace.

Flash Seals

To finish off the project, we use flash seals to prevent leaks in the gaps between the upper deck and your home. Not only does it ensure more thorough water protection for family members on the lower level, but it also prevents damage from water exposure.

Benefits of a Deck Drainage System

Your home is an investment, and waterproofing is a great way to protect the exterior. Investing in waterproof decks in Richfield, WI, comes with several benefits.

Protect Your Outdoor Area

Your deck is a space to create happy memories with your friends and family. If your deck sustains water damage and falls into disrepair, you could face huge repair bills or have to replace your deck entirely. Rotten or soggy boards are a safety hazard, especially for multi-level decks where someone could fall through.

Extra Living Space

The options are endless when your lower deck is fully waterproof. You can use the extra space for an outdoor kitchen, transform it into a sports bar for the big game, or send your kids outside to burn off some energy under the shade of your upper deck.

Safe Storage

The equipment you use for outdoor activities needs a safe storage space away from the elements so it doesn’t get damaged or covered in dirt. Items like a grill, tennis gear, or mountain bike stay easily accessible on the lower level of your deck and away from the risk of weather damage.

Increase Resale Value

If you decide to sell your home, a well-maintained exterior with a waterproof deck can increase your asking price. Homes with high curb appeal routinely sell for more than those that look neglected or don’t have a usable outdoor space.

A waterproof deck adds extra living space for you and your family. You can enjoy the sounds of nature without getting wet during a rainstorm. Waterproofing provides a safe, covered area to store sports equipment, your bicycle, or your grill.

The type of waterproofing that is best for you depends on your deck. Wooden decks have different needs than composite decks, for example. When we meet with you, we will inspect all areas of your deck and check for compromised areas.

We will do our best to provide custom waterproofing that transforms your neglected deck into a usable outdoor space to create lasting memories with your family. Investing in quality waterproofing prevents perpetual repair costs as individual planks rot due to water exposure.

Our team at Hometown Builders has real-world experience creating waterproof decks in Richfield, WI. Fill out our online form or call (608) 772-1424 for a free service quote from our expert team.