Composite Decks

Expert Composite Deck Builders in Washington County, WI

When property owners want to create a beautiful, functional outdoor living space that lasts for years, they turn to Hometown Builders, in Washington County, WI. Our team of experienced composite deck builders can design and install custom, quality decks in various colors, textures, and designs.

With no deck project too big or small, our team at Hometown Builders, can add valuable square footage to any outdoor space in Washington County, WI.

Why Install a Composite Deck

Photo of Wood-Like Composite Decking with Black Metal Railing
When choosing a material to build your new deck, property owners must choose between wood or composite deck boards. While wood decks have natural beauty, they damage easily and often fall prey to changing weather and temperature. Composite decks offer the aesthetic appeal and texture of natural wood without the issues associated with a wooden deck.

Many problems property owners experience with natural wood include:

  • Splintering
  • Splitting
  • Warping
  • Softening

Natural wood decks also require regular maintenance, painting, staining, and sealing to keep them in good condition. Composite decks require much less upkeep while presenting the same beautiful appearance as natural wood.
With a composite deck, you can enjoy more entertainment and relaxation while worrying less about the stability and maintenance of your deck.

Advantages of a Composite Deck

When clients ask our composite deck contractors at Hometown Builders, about why we suggest composite decking, we tell them about the many advantages of this building material:

High Durability

Composite decks consist of a composition intended to withstand long-term sun, rain, wind, and snow exposure. The material also doesn’t swell and contract as much as wood does, allowing each board a longer lifespan. Regardless of the weather or season, your composite deck will remain in good condition and appearance.

Low Maintenance

One of the benefits proudly explained by our composite deck builders in Washington County, WI, includes the low maintenance requirements for these decking boards. Composite decks need little in-depth care beyond an occasional spray-down with a pressure washer. So long as you keep your deck swept and ensure no debris builds up, you can enjoy a safe, clean deck perfect for outdoor gatherings, entertainment, or relaxing.

Extreme Resistance

While resisting the weather and changing seasons lengthens the lifetime of your composite deck, so does the material’s resistance to common decking issues:
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Staining from spills
  • Cracking or splitting
  • Blistering or peeling
  • Fading or bleaching
  • Pest infestations
Because composite deck boards survive against so many elements, the brands we use offer warranties against stains, fading, and certain types of damages.

Various Colors and Textures

Photo of Composite Deck with Black Railings and Clouds
Adding a wood deck that matches your home’s aesthetic may mean extensive staining or painting to transform your exterior into a complementary tone. With composite decking materials, you can choose the color, texture, and grain that you wish to create the flooring for your new deck.

Composite decking textures can make it easier for shoes to get a good grip on, while wooden decks often smooth over so badly that guests may slip and fall.

Choose From the Top Quality Composite Decking Brands in the Industry

Photo of Rectangular Deck with Black Metal Rails

Before beginning the deck installation process, our contractors at Hometown Builders, work with you to design your ideal deck and choose the right composite boards for you. We work with composite boards from the best brands in the industry so you have the widest variety of choices for your deck flooring.


Deckorators composite decking provides many options for decking boards of various colors, textures, and grains. You can choose between mineral-based and wood-plastic, both of which look beautiful. Mineral-based boards consist of the strongest material, while wood-plastic works best for lower budgets while still providing a quality product.


Trex produces top-tier composite decking boards using their own combination of wood and plastic. These deck boards make perfect flooring for high-traffic decks, resisting scuffs, stains, and fading. Our Trex deck contractors know the proper methods and techniques for installation and maintenance, providing a stable, dependable deck for decades to come.


TimberTech creates composite decking that resists rot, cracks, peeling, and splintering while providing a beautiful base for your deck. Our composite deck contractors at Hometown Builders, always suggest AZEK decking by TimberTech because this particular composite decking line carries a lifetime limited warranty. The warranty protects property owners against various types of damage that shouldn’t occur with this high-end product, such as blistering, splitting, or decay from pests or fungus.

Many homeowners wanting beautiful decks appreciate the versatility and attractiveness of composite decking material. At Hometown Builders, our professional composite deck builders in Washington County, WI, provide custom deck design and installation for properties of all shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of composite deck boards in different colors and textures, creating the outdoor living space of your dreams with our expert designers and builders.

When you’re ready to improve your Washington County, WI, property and upgrade your curb appeal with a new composite deck, get a free estimate by calling Hometown Builders, at (608) 772-1424.